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Default Re: What makes you a "Real Steeler Fan"??

Originally Posted by ebsteelers View Post
thats what dumper things makes you a real fan.

i disagree 1000%.

im wondering what steeler fever thinks makes you a real fan?

i'd say number 1) knowing the history and tradition of the steelers, and Rooney family

if your taking in a game, 2) going in the cold, windy, snow, how football is suppose to be played, no fancy luxury box seats, that a majority of cant afford, and if even if we could wouldnt want to.

3) bleeding black and gold,

there obviously hundreds of things, just wondering what everyone else thinks.

so what else makes you a "real steeler fan"?
Don't mind him. Vulcans will never understand the emotions that go along with being a real steelers fan. To them football is all about logic, and signing free agents because it makes your team better on paper. Remove the human side and use sound business decisions to win a championship. If somehow his vulcan counterparts could infiltrate an NFL franchise like the Steelers they would be unstoppable. Dynasty would not begin to describe the dominance exhibited with such a brilliant mind at the helm. All teams would shiver at the thought of playing against a team captained by such raw exuberance, such pure intelligence....there would be no stopping them. BUT... thank goodness we live in reality where guys like thumper will NEVER run a professional football team...oh wait, maybe dan snyder and jerry jones (and most recently Jeff Lurie and Woody Johnson) are secretly part of the vulcan empire that will reign down upon the NFL with a wrath that rivals Kahn's.

Wait that sounds an awful lot like Kuhn.... could he be the F/A signing that pushes us into dominance mode for the next millennium?

Stainless Still great post
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