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Default Re: What makes you a "Real Steeler Fan"??

Not being from the 'Burgh ( I am from southern Ontario) for me being a true Steelers fan is sticking with them no matter what. I started cheering for them when I was 10 (1972) and when I started playing football in high school I couldn't get enough of them ( they made me a MLB and gave me #58). I get to at least 1 game per year, whether or not I can afford it, my 18 year old son has only been allowed to cheer for the Steelers and he is a rabid as I. I remember the lean years, the 51-0 loss to the Browns and never would have thought to cheer for another team.
A true Steeler fan can have the passion they feel rub off on other people in there lives so that they instantly become Steelers fans too.
and finally, a true Steeler fan, especially this time of year, looks at the team positively NO MATTER WHAT!!

I can't wait until we hoist our 7th Lombardi at the end of this year !!!

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