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Default Re: $ was the reason Plex didn't join team

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Why would that matter to anyone who isn't self-absorbed and egotistical?

Do you HAVE to attend games to be a real fan?

(both rhetorical questions...the answer to each question respectively is "it shouldn't" and "hell no")

It seems this kind of topic gets tossed around every year....and it's usually started by some guy thumping his chest about how much more of a fan he is than anyone else. In the meantime all that does is make said individual(s) look like total jackasses...which is probably their main mission in life anyhow.

All you have to do to be a fan is cheer your team on, support their efforts and be loyal. Everything else is just extra. If people choose to spend their extra money on tickets and merchandise...fantastic for them. Not everybody can do that though. Simple fact of life. Sitting on a message board and judging other people's fandom though is completely asinine and ridiculous (not to mention sad).


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