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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
I don't know what you guys are looking at. How many WRs are even
practicing, I mean, ones who will make the roster? Sanders just
had foot surgery. He is starting to look like a guy who can't stay healthy.
Hines is out with the thumb. OL is in shambles. If we played today, what
would our OL look like?

Scott Legs Pouncy Foster Colon

That is probably the worst starting OL in the NFL.

Nothing has been done to improve a secondary that GB showed the WORLD
how to dissect. Nothing.

But you guys think we are BETTER? We had a perfect storm that allowed
us to make the SB last year, mainly Jets beating a NE team that would have
trashed us,easily.

I am still holding out that a few player will be added, because as things stand,
we are looking at non-contending season.
Last year a lot of people said we'd be lucky to go 10-6. LUCKY!!! to go 10-6.

I said 12-4. I predicted we'd be 4-0 when Ben got back. I was close and when you look at the Ravens game they got lucky. Am I smart? Not really. Here's my thinking. We have one of the best head coaches in the league and hands down the best defensive coordinator. 3 of the first 4 games are away but after that our schedule gets a lot easier. I say 13-3 and I'm sticking to it!!
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