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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
I see thumper is the resident optimist of the forum.
A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

The Steelers didn't change much from last year and they were in the super bowl, so why would that lead you to believe that they will be non-contending?
The majority of SB losers come back and suck the next year, even though
they are mostly returning with the same basic team, especially truth
with older teams, which we are.

SB losers in the modern day.

2009 Colts - were a shell of usual team by play offs. Not a legit contender.
2008 Cards - Made play offs, but weren't contenders
2007 Pats - never made SB since.
2006 Bears - losing record next season
2005 Seahawks - stunk next year
2004 Eagles - haven't made it back since
2003 Panthers - Fell into disrepair
2002 Raiders - Toast since
2001 Rams - Put an end to them every contending since.

As you can see, SB losers rarely do well the next year, and many times
plain suck after losing the SB, even though they return with the same basic team.

It's still too early to really say what has improved or regressed, but it seems that Keenan Lewis has a reasonable shot at being the new nickel back, which should improve the secondary.
Did I really just read this? What has Lewis ever done to indicate he will
be a good player some day? He sucks. Why would he all of a sudden be
an asset? It's not like it's only his 2nd year.
There is also a lot of potential in Crezdon Butler and Curtis Brown to provide depth. Maurkice Pouncey should be even better this year than last year, and the better a center is, the better a line is as a whole. Jonathan Scott finished off the season relatively strong. I really don't see his second half performance as much of a dropoff from what Max Starks offered. Willie Colon left 09 as probably a top ten right tackle, and he now has not only a nice, new contract, but a chip on his shoulder. There's no reason to believe he won't man the RT position at least on par with Flozell's performance from last year. There are seemingly multiple options at both guard spots. Competition is always good. Who knows? It could be Keith Williams and Doug Legursky by the time the season starts. Kemo's frequent mental lapses would not be missed. Mike Wallace will be entering his second year as a starter. His trajectory is still very much upward. Emmanuel Sanders should be fine and will be more integral to the offense this year than last year. Same with Brown. Anything from Sweed is simply a plus. Ward's thumb injury should not be an issue at all and will probably be back in practice today or tomorrow.
1 thing that could make Colon, who was never that good to begin with,
is a torn Achilles. Some never make it back from that injury. I am not saying
we are doomed; it's too early. But I am saying there is lots to be worried about.
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