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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
The majority of SB losers come back and suck the next year, even though
they are mostly returning with the same basic team, especially truth
with older teams, which we are.

SB losers in the modern day.

2009 Colts - were a shell of usual team by play offs. Not a legit contender.
2008 Cards - Made play offs, but weren't contenders
2007 Pats - never made SB since.
2006 Bears - losing record next season
2005 Seahawks - stunk next year
2004 Eagles - haven't made it back since
2003 Panthers - Fell into disrepair
2002 Raiders - Toast since
2001 Rams - Put an end to them every contending since.

As you can see, SB losers rarely do well the next year, and many times
plain suck after losing the SB, even though they return with the same basic team.
I would say that you put far too much stock in irrelevant trends. The Steelers were no less likely to win the super bowl last year or the year before that entering the season than they are this year.

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Did I really just read this? What has Lewis ever done to indicate he will
be a good player some day? He sucks. Why would he all of a sudden be
an asset? It's not like it's only his 2nd year.
Keenan Lewis showed a lot of potential in the preseason last year up until he faltered when given the start against the Broncos, and everything that I have read so far for this camp is that he has done very well so far. Steelers Digest said that he is the only corner so far (with Ike and Gay not able to practice at the time) that can cover Mike Wallace deep. I think there is a reasonable chance that Keenan Lewis becomes a significant contributor in his 3rd season, if not as a nickel back, then as a dime back, which I suspect the Steelers would be more comfortable using this year as opposed to last. They were using Joe Burnett 2 years ago and he's certainly better than Burnett.

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
1 thing that could make Colon, who was never that good to begin with,
is a torn Achilles. Some never make it back from that injury. I am not saying
we are doomed; it's too early. But I am saying there is lots to be worried about.
There are only a few elites at every position across the league. Willie Colon is not and will never be an elite right tackle. But he is a good right tackle that merits the contract that he got. Rumors have said that Colon had been just about fully healed even before the last season was over. Speed and mobility were never a dominant part of Colon's game, so I don't see his play being significantly affected in 2011 by his injury.

You're right, there is a lot to be worried about, or concerned, but the way that you express your worries is excessive. There is no position on the Steelers that can be described as "in shambles". They have positions that are weaker than others, but it's impossible to have a fully balanced team. The Packers have weaknesses too.
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