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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

I have to say in some ways we are better, although it is way to early to tell. We have depth at wr. Yes we are unsure about some of them and sanders is out a few weeks but that still leaves ward Wallace brown miller(yes I know he's a te) Lyons and the other udfa so I think we will be fine.

Ol, well it's been bad for a while but I say it's no worse then last year!

Ben is still Ben

Dl is old but we have two great youngsters wanting for playing time and ziggy has proven himself

Lb farrior is old and James has had surgery twice but with worlids and sylvestor we are fine

Db a lot of young unproven players, but with the addition of brown and Allen, we aren't worst then last year.... Just my 0.2cents. So all you debby downers out there it's not the end of the world I say 11-5 easily probably 12-4 but who knows we could go 4-12 so who knows rofl
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