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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
I think it's to early to tell. First off, even though I always have confidence in the Steelers, I do worry about the post SB blues. Hopefully we won't see any of that. Most of the team is the same. The "talent" spots on the offense are the same. The WR's and starting tight end are the same and have an extra year of experience (Brown, Sanders), so overall that looks good. Mendenhall played real well at the end of last year. Ben is always great. On the other side of the ball, the D line starters are the same and they all perform well, although I'm not sure how Smith will play this year. No problem though cause Hood and Heyward are ready to step up. The LB group is bulletproof as always, I'm not worried about Farrior's age at all, Harrison will still be a beast as will Woodley. Timmons has been playing well and we have young talent behind them. Clark and Polamalu are back. Other then the post SB stuff, my main worries are the CB's and the O line. The O line has been bad for years, but we still win. I don't think we can do that every year. With Colon and Legursky starting this year I expect them to be a bit better, but still not good. I wouldn't say we are better in that area. Last year McFadden was always getting burnt and he's back. Also teams saw how we are seemingly defenseless against quick passes and spread formations. Unless Brown steps up big we will be "mediocre at best" as far as coverage goes. Not necessarily worse then last year, but I don't think we can go to the SB like that again. Ultimately, I think it's to early to tell. Brown at corner and Gilbert on the O line have a lot to do with if we are better or not, even though they are rookies, because of the position they play. Overall, I'm optimistic and think we can win it all still, but it will be tough. My .02
Not worried about our LB'S? Brady or Rodgers will play Farrior like a puppet and Harrison is 33 coming off back surgery...I hope you are right!
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