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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
Not worried about our LB'S? Brady or Rodgers will play Farrior like a puppet and Harrison is 33 coming off back surgery...I hope you are right!
I think we are worrying about age to much on this forum lately. Don't misunderstand me, I know it's a factor and important, I just think we are making to big of a deal out of it. As far as Rodgers playing Farrior "like a puppet", I wouldn't give Rodgers that kind of credit. I didn't say Farrior was young and a great coverage guy, but he can read plays and routes well. As for when we play Brady, that's a team problem, and although your probably right, I can't help but think LeBeau has something this time around for the Patriots. We only play them once, and I don't see Farrior being the weak link in our losses against them. I know for football 33 is far from young, but Harrison is in great shape, he's a beast, and he will be this year. We have Worilds and Sylvester also.I know the Pats and Packers picked us apart and that the linebackers could have done more, but with Timmons, Woodley, Harrison, Farrior and some young talent behind them, LB is just not a spot I'm worried about, rarely is it in Pittsburgh. I do see your point, I just disagree, this year at least.
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