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Default Re: Labriola on the linebackers

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
There's no way Harvey makes the roster if they carry 8 linebackers, which is what I expect they will do. Chris Carter will be the 8th linebacker carried because he's an outside linebacker (and a draft pick) and he has the speed and quickness for special teams. I expect that they will cross their fingers and stick Harvey on the practice squad. The only way I see them going with 9 LBs is if they decide to carry only 5 WR, because I think they feel they need to carry 3 players this year that can play nose with both Hampton and Hoke way up there in age, and that will probably be down to Steve McClendon and Anthony Gray.
Agree that Harvey is going to be the odd man out, unless these young guns start to force Foote out the door. I just don't see them with 9 LBs. You bring up a good point on the status of NT. I thought McClendon is an excellent d-lineman, but he really isn't built like a 3-4 NT. Thought he belong out at DE. But DE is starting to look a little crowded even though Eason is gone. Didn't the Steelers carry 5 DEs last year? This year that would most likely be Keisel, Hood, Smith, Heyward .. and I think #5 Sunny Harris. But you're right, it most likely comes down to who the Steelers keep as their #3 NT/practice squad guy (McClendon or Gray).
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