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Default Re: What makes you a "Real Steeler Fan"??

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Your entire premise is wrong, as is your attempt at using the
English language. You questioned my fan fervor, and I responded
with questions of my own. But I put my level of being a Steeler zealot
up there with most, just falling short of taking it to the (excessive) level of being
buried with Steeler regalia.

Being a "real fan" means truly _knowing_ the team well, both past
and present. (But I do not believe in the need to know about the team
in terms of the non-modern era. I really don't care what the team did
when the sport was not even the same as the modern version, or the
league had so few teams, or the "NFL" did not include the AFC. I just
don't care. And any videos covering the pre-70s on TV causes me to
change the channel. I just am not interested.)

As far as "real fans" who have never seen a live game, I find it hard
to believe you can be as much a zealot having never seen the team
live, especially a game in Pgh. You get an entirely new, bolstered level
of fervor from being at a live game. You don't have to go to 100s or even
dozens of games, but you get a whole new perspective from even being
to 1 game. And, no, you don't have to be Thurston B. Howell, III to afford
attending a Steelers game. Sure, if you live far away from Pgh, it makes
attending a game more expensive and difficult. But I don't know how many
people, who have the means to be on the Internet, who truly can't afford to
ever go to any Steeler game. I mean, not even one? For real? Even those
living all the way on the west coast can still find a way to visit Pgh for once.

Try this quiz, one in which I came up with right off the top of my head.
If you can answer most of these, you must be a pretty ardent fan.

1. What Steelers' QB was featured on the cove of Sports Illustrated with
the head of "The Bomb is back in Pgh?"

2. Who made a game saving tackle on their starting HB beind
the LOS in Houston during the playoffs in the early 80s?

3. What did Chuck Noll say about what players need to do after their
football career is over?

4. What Oiler's back up QB beat us in the early 90s, in Houston?

5. In what way did a Bronco's defender mispronounce Merril Hoge's name
in the play offs?

6. Since 1980, who were the handful of first round picks who were
inarguably busts for the Steelers?

7. Name the top 2 most-productive running backs in team history.

8. Where did Yancy Thigpen go after his time with Pgh? How did he do?

9. Who was the only first-round Steelers draft pick from Baylor?

10. Who is the all-time leader at WR for Pgh?

11. Who was the LB who held out, before free agency even existed,
and what team did he end up on after Pgh?

12. What were the two towns that Ben was accused for sexual assault?
(Actually, I don't think knowing this makes you a fan, to be honest.)

13. What was Bill Cowher's record in his first year?

14. What surprise play did Cowher use vs. the Oilers in his first game?

15. What two running backs from Philly did Pgh acquire since the 80s?
Which one was the more productive of the two?

16. What two teams did Tomlin coach before coming to Pgh? What
were his positions?

17. What Steeler could have competed in world class hurdle sprints?

18. Who was the largest LB in team history?

19. What positions did Hines Ward play in college? For what team?

20. How tall was Weegie Thompson?

21. What happened in the last play of the 1995 AFCC game?

22. What happened to Pgh in Cowher's first AFCC game?

23. What is the symbol called on the side of the Steeler logo?

24. Why is the logo only on one side of the helmet?

25. What was the season-leading rusher for Pgh who's first name was Frankie?
(Not "Franco")

26. What Steeler CB was so physical that the NFL changed coverage rules?

27. What bad decision did Eric Green make on the eve of the AFCC game
vs. San Diego?

28. Who was the QB playing for Indy vs. Pgh in the 1995 AFCC game? What
famous RB was out for the game for Indy?

29. What was the name of the mammoth back for Cinci who ran over Jack

30. What back ran over Willie gay, in an embarrassing manner?

31. Where did Big Ben go to college?

32. What former college teammate/roommate did Troy Polamalu run over?

33. Name the starting middle linebackers since 1990 through present day.

34. What did the site of Pgh's training camp _used_ to be known for other
than being the site of Steelers' camp? What happened to it?

I could go on forever, but the swimming pool is calling my name.

I know you can cheat and look this stuff up. But a _real_ fan wouldn't need

And I could careless, how i use the english lanuage, seems to get your panties in a real bunch, on an internet forum...

You were the one who brought it up "the real fan", in the Plax thread , you were the one who mentioned the luxury box seats. Not Me. And your the one complaining and calling the front office cheap. A "REAL FAN" doesnt question the front office of a team that has been to the Super Bowl 3 out of the last 5 years.

i simply asked everyone else what they think, and it clearly bothers you that no one thinks going to a game and sitting in box seats makes you more of a fan than the rest of us.
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