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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i could disect this entire post and debunk it all point by point, but why even bother? its full of hyperbole, cliche and ancient misconceptions; nevertheless, it must be addressed.

i'll glady take "all the same problems" in the last 6 years that led to a 15-1 season, 4 AFC ChaMP GAMES, 3 superbowl appearances, and 2 lombardis.

farrior AND ward are fading fast? do you have any stats to back this up? have you seen any games this year? any practices? both are grizzled old vets who have been in the league well beyond 10 years and if anything, we've bearly begun to see them fade if at all.

how is troy any more prone to injury since the day he stepped out of US?. dude is a flying missle who goes balls out 100% of the time. he's been a concussion waiting to happen since he was like 16. thats what makes him great.

if the steelers never do anything about their line, how do you explain coach kugler, pouncey, colon, both scotts, our 2nd round pick this year and urbick a few years back? not to mention flozell? this misconception is about as real as the rooneys are cheap.

how can ben be getting more banged up than the knee/foot injuries and motorcycle accidents he suffered at the beginning of his career? other than suspension, he is actually missing fewer games than he ever has.

how is he "slower"? do you have his 40 time as a rookie vs the 40 time he would run today? he is so atheletic, i would place money on him being faster than 75% of the starting qb's in the league.

all indications from experts who have watched practice this camp are that he looks lean, accurate, and as good as ever. please forgive me if i trust the take of a former nfl head coach, player, and gm's insight and analysis on todays practice, more than yours.

here is my take- we are essentially returning 22 starters from the team that nearly won the superbowl last year (exception being colon over flozell) and looking even better. every defender taking the field in week 1 is deeply entrenched in lebeaus defensive scheme. all the back ups are experienced as well.

we will hit the ground running and be well ahead of the curve.

miller will be free'd up in the passing game. our young receivers should grow and develop by leaps and bounds. mendenhall should be better, along with redman and batch.

i guess our defense will still suck like they always do because they dont pitch a shut out every week, but what are you gonna do? i guess we take the good with the bad.

special teams should be rock solid, if not improved.

questioning whether hood is ready to be a "playmaker" doesnt even compute with me.

ben will be hitting the age when manning and brees were sniffing their first superbowl.

our record may be the same, but i contend that we will be better.

then again, i thought we would be better last year than we were in '09. alot of negative nellies and debbie downers on this board thought otherwise.

I couldn't agree more Tony. I do think this might very well be the last year for Hines and Farrior. All the more reason to leave it all on the field. I don't think for one minute that either one of them can't still play at the level we need and even if their play falls way off we've got young talent in the wings. Sanders, Brown are rising stars IMHO. Stevenson looks like he's hungry and what about Chris Carter? Can he play inside?
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