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Default Re: Now that the dust is settling,ARE WE better this year?

Look, I realize that the Steelers have done remarkably well over the past decade in spite of some glaring weaknesses. Ben's sandlot, run around and throw it up style has certainly covered up the O line problems for the most part. I can say with certainty that Brady or Manning would have been destroyed behind those lines if they had played here. Ben is special, but you don't throw you 100 million dollar QB out there behind a swiss cheese O line and expect him to be able to escape every time. I am willing to bet that Ben has taken some of the most vicious hits in the NFL over the past few years thanks in part to him holding onto the ball too long and having a suspect O line.

We certainly don't know what this season will bring but the Steelers have certainly done little or nothing to fix their weaknesses that resulted in a SB loss. The secondary is still weak and will continued to be exposed IMO. They got picked apart by Brady, Brees and then Rodgers in the SB last year.

IMO the Steelers are weak in the exact two areas that you need to be the strongest at in today's NFL. You need to protect your QB and allow him the time to make plays so that you can score enough points to overcome the opponent. You also need a strong secondary to be able to stop the opposing team's aerial attack. The Steeler's failed miserable at that in the SB and lost because of it. They still might be able to stop teams like the Ravens and Jets who lack the aerial firepower but they will struggle mightily against the Pats, Colts, Saints, Packers, Eagles, etc. The Packers were/are strong in both of those areas and that is why they won last year. Add to the fact that they have a beastly D line and linebackers and they beat up the Steelers in every facet.

Look, I don't read too much into what someone does in PRACTICE. Anybody can stand there under no pressure and deliver a frozen rope to an uncovered receiver. Just like all the people who are giddy about the Crosby and Malkin training vids with them stack handling around inanimate objects and roofing puck after puck, stories from Steelers training camp don't exactly light a fire for me.

I hope that the Steelers can get it done again but I will wait to crown them AFC champs again until I see what they put on the field.
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