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Default Re: Both Sides Of The SAME OLD STORY...Mark Madden

To say that James Harrison's comments about his teammates are taken out of context is crazy. There is no context to "Mendenhall is a fumble machine". The only way that statement is taken out of context is if he said first "Mendenhall and I play video games a lot like Madden and he is a fumble machine when we are playing."

And about Ben. How in the world is "Stop trying to be Peyton Manning, because your not pal." out of context? What is the context then? The were at a Halloween party and Ben showed up trying to look like Manning? Come on. Don't play us for idiots.

That out of context reference is the lamest excuse I've ever heard.

And I'm sorry to disagree with so many on this post, but I do agree with Madden this one and only time. He has pegged Ryan Clark exactly. If you hear Clark talk enough times you know what I'm talking about. And Madden is stating the obvious "Just shut up and play football/". Bottom line like a previous poster stated "I ask nothing from Ryan Clark or James Harrison except to smash QB's and kill WR's! Go Steelers! "
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