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Default Threats

What teams do you feel have improved enough to threaten Pgh
in it's drive for another ring. Being that only ONE team ended up
ahead of Pgh, every team should be considered as a potential
threat, including NFC teams. We are talking about _winning_ the
SB, not just making it there.

1. Philly. Sorry. I believe the hype. I do not believe their addition of
so many players was "Redskins/Snyder" in nature. I believe they
have a team structure in place - unlike the Skins - where so many
new players is not going to upset the apple cart. Every time I think
I know of all the free agents they added, I look up and see _another_
FA who looks like a quality signing. And last night (Yes, I know it was
only pre-season) they looked stacked. And we are talking about a
team that was a contender as they were. And VY is the perfect back
up for Vick. Also, keep in mind, that players are flocking to Philly b.c
of Vick. Players feel he is a story of redemption. They all have brothers
and friends who they feel are victims of the system. Vick represents
redemption. I really feel this team is very for real.

2. Jets. They will be there. Do they have enough to beat Pgh? We may
very well find out.

3. Pats. They are who they are. They kill us and all signs say they
should be better than last year. Deny it if you wish, but fact is they
are very dangerous to our trek to the SB.

4. Packers. Should be better than last year. But repeating is damn
tough these days. But still. They are built to beat us.

Teams that do not worry me as much? Ravens seem set back. Ray
is a year older. Lost play makers. Lost RBs (But added Ricky). Lost
a good safety in Landry. Colts? Manning's dinged neck costing
repetitions that will hurt them. They may still win div., but I don't fear
them. KC? Don't know that they did anything to improve passing game.
One-dimensional attack (we should know, see Pgh before Ben) never
cuts it in play offs. SD? Still have to overcome a non-head coach as
head coach. VERY difficult to do.
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