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Originally Posted by Wallabeast17 View Post
the Pats: we are like 1-7 against Brady
ravens: cant count them out,i do hate them but i highly respect them; the games are always close.
i dont believe the jets will be as good this year. losing brad smith hurts them a lot he did a lot for them
Do you think losing Brad Smith is a bigger loss than Plex is a gain? No way.
Smith = 44 yards in receptions, 2 TDs in kick returns. No way does that
equate to more production than Plex will bring. And, make no mistake,
it is a non factor that he has an ankle injury. He does that every year in
order to lesson wear and tear on his body on unneeded reps in pre-
season and practice. He will be ready come game day, and he will
produce. 2 years away in the pen will not make him worse; probably
will make him more driven and productive.

Pats will still be too much for us. Bad match up. Our D is powerless
against them. They will shut down our rush and make us have to
match and beat them in passing O. Sorry. We don't win that one.
Looking at the Ravens I don't totally count them out, but they don't
seem improved, they seem diminished. Flacco is a decent QB but
not at Ben's level. The better QB usually wins.
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