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Default Re: Steelers @ Redskins Post Game Thread

My thoughts after watching the game:

I'm looking forward to: watching more of Redman, our young receivers, and Pouncey establishing himself as the best center in the game.

I'm worried about: the usual (same stuff every year)...why can't we seem to develop young corners? Our ST looked pathetic on punt coverage (I guess the silver lining is that we aren't likely to give up any kickoff TDs). O-line looked swiss-cheesy at times. Arians predictable play-calling (I guess it's a preseson vanilla offense, so he gets a pass for now).

Needs a new home: Arnaz Battle, William Gay, Ryan Mundy, Mewelde Moore, and Dennis Dixon....throw Arians on that pile too.

Based on last night, I'm not overly concerned about the season. However, history would suggest that we would struggle this year and I was hoping to see a bit more passion from the boys last night. Save for the small list above, I didn't see it. I don't know what approach Tomlin is taking this year in camp, but I hope he starts chewing some ass. In Tomlin's post-game interview he sounded & looked like he did in every post-game in 2009....wide-eyed, pissed-off, and talking tough....I guess I'm just not buying his act anymore. I swear I think something's missing with him...he just seems like he's more concerned with being liked by his players than demanding perfection in practice & on the field. Cowher would be destroying guys in practice this week - Tomlin needs to do the same.
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