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Default Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

Given a completely open-ended question, Herm was asked what
team should be most concerned from everything he has seen so
far. His answer?

The Pgh Steelers and that O-line.

Just what I wanted to hear. We all hoped we were wrong. We hoped
that the front office had a better idea of what they were doing, and we
could trust the OL would be fine, that their lack of addressing the OL,
which missing BOTH best OTs from last year - on a below average OL
to begin with, __with__ Starks and Adams in the line up, was nothing
to worry about. We hoped we were wrong.

Well, we weren't. The OL is a mess. Ben was in for a mere 3 throws and
he already took a hard shot. Did I see him icing his hand on the sidelines?
I believe, it is now safe to say: They aren't addressing the OL because of
arrogance. They hear all the fans and media once again saying the OL
needed help, but they refuse to address it b/c they think they will prove
everyone wrong.

Well, we went to 2 more SB after 1996 in __SPITE__ of the OL not because
of it. We won one. Lost the other. And I fear we will not be to another b/c
they have to prove how they are smarter than everyone and OL is not
something that needs more attention.

Well F--K that.

Ben will be getting killed, his career shortened, and it all could have been
prevented, except they have to prove smarter than every one, just like
they did when they refused to address the QB position, and we suffered
with Jim Miller, Kent Frankengram, Kordell Stew-suck, Mike Tom-pop, et al.

Oh, you say it's only one preseason game? OK. So, do you think our OL
will not be a weak link? Will that be changing any time soon, like by
the regular season? And if so, how? Why? What is going to happen
between now and then? We have ONE good player out of 5 positions.
The rest are average or below average. Good luck with that. I really am
not looking forward to a season where Ben is going to take a record amount
of hits and sacks. It could have been prevented, but our front office is just
too smart to react to the OL. It reminds me when Tomlin was asked after a
draft, "Why didn't you address the OL?" He said, smuggly, "Because there
are other ways to make Ben's job easier than adding O-line man, like
adding play makers instead." (I am paraphrasing here.) Well, the players
taken instead of OL-men are along the lines of Sweed and Spaeth. Excuse
my while I don't buy into that BULL SHIT.
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