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Default Re: Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
For crying out loud, it's getting tiresome with the constant moaning of some people on here. Yes our line has some issues, yes the Steelers personel people make the odd mistake, but they have been pretty right on over the years. Contrary to popular opinion we have in the last couple of years addressed the OL. Last season, Pouncey, this season Gilbert. We also have other areas we need to shore up as well, like DL and DB. I know some people think it's fail because the Steelers choose to try and build from within and not jump at the first expensive free agent. That philosophy has worked for the past 40 years or so.
With all these apparent problems the so called experts say we have we still win on a consistant basis, which gives us a lower draft choice. That means we have to take less talented players and wait a little longer than the "sure thing" that is routinely drafted at the top of the draft.
If some of you people are so unhappy with the tried and true formula the Steelers use, which means we are almost always competing or in the running for championships and playoffs, then go cheer for the Browns or jump on the Cheatriots bandwagon. Quit messing up these boards with your negative bull$hit, it's really getting old.

The problem, in a nutshell, is people want a damn all pro at every position. Well, thanks to the salary cap it's not going to happen. Every team has weaknesses. Ours happens to be the offensive line and the defensive secondary. Want an all pro offensive line? Then be prepared to sacrifice that all world linebacking corps.
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