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Default Re: Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

Originally Posted by WickedSteel View Post
I would just like to ask. What is the Packers' weaknesses and how does it affect their game?
Run defense for one, which we were beginning to seriously exploit in the second half of the Super Bowl. If we wouldn't have gotten into the early hole with the turnovers, we probably would have been able to gash the shit out them on the ground all day long, even with that subpar offensive line. Kinda hard for Rodgers to throw TD passes when he's sitting on the sideline watching the opposing team grind it out. And their running game isn't anything to write home about either, which certainly had a hand in the Steelers almost coming all the way back on them despite their big first half lead. And for as much as people talk about the beating Roethlisberger takes, Rodgers is about one more concussion away from a forced retirement himself. Who's his backup again?

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