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Default Re: Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

First of all,
Herm Edwards is turning into a caricature. He thinks he is this "over the top", wacko analyst. It is quite annoying to watch on TV.

Pittsburgh O-Line is not good but as mentioned before, it hasn't been good for years. Last year, miracle work was done with the O-line. We lost the Super Bowl and most games last year to shitty DBs, not the O-line.

No way that of all the teams with the most to worry about, its the Steelers and their O-line? Hell, I worry about the DBs more than the O-line and I watch a heck of alot more Steelers football than Herm Edwards.
What about the QB situation in Washington (notwithstanding last night- Grossman or Beck? C'mon.) or the the Bengals QB situation or the lack of any defense in San Francisco.

Steelers fans have got to be less sensitive about this stuff. I complain about the FO every year but deep down know they know and, more often then not, do what's best for the team. The sky is, indeed, not falling,

Ben has done more damage to himself in the offseason than the O-line have ever done to him.
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