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Default Re: Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
I think there are a few here who would actually be happy to see the Steelers go in the tank. Then they could spend the whole offseason bragging about how they were right, and the front office has no idea what it's doing.
Unfortunately, the Steelers will have another good year. But that won't stop the ridiculous comments in the media and posts on this site. Herm Edwards must have fried his brains on crystal meth, I swear. He says the dumbest sh!t and I'm always surprised to see him still drawing a paycheck for spewing such thoughtless crap.

How about this for an answer to the team with the most to worry about: "Cincy (or substitute Cleveland if you want) ... because they suck as far as talent, coaching, FO and ownership ... they typify the term LOSER ... they have a major failure streak going with no end in sight ... if I were a fan of the bungholes, I'd renounce football and take up knitting quilts as a way to spend my Sunday afternoons.". Or "The Ravens, because the Steelers own them. Watching Flacco walk off the field after one of their games is like watching a new fish walk out of the showers in a max security prison ... you know he got raped and will get it again tomorrow.".

I don't mind that Edwards decided to pick on the Steelers. He could have said Super Bowl losers tend to fall apart the following season ... fair enough. But the Steelers haven't had an offensive line since the days Hartings, Faneca, and Smith played together ... yet they've been one of the most dominate teams during that period.
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