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Default Re: Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

How many meaningful games have been played this year? Oh, thats right...none. I'm a Raven's fan and even I can say that I wouldn't be too concerned about your offensive line or secondary. Last time I checked your team won the division with the same corps of guys. Moreover, my beloved Raven's have the same problems...garbage line and even weaker corners. As much as I hate saying this; the Raven's should win the division but won't. We will be too busy stumbling on our own feet to be worried about aspirations for winning the division. As far as the other 2 teams; they're from Ohio...enough said! So, with one preseason game under your belt lets not panic about the steeler's offensive line or secondary. Taking advice from Herm Edwards is like taking directions from a blind person.

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