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Default Re: Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

First of all: hilarious you cited Herm Edwards of all people to "prove" your point. Herm Edwards is an ordained moron, and you know it. Tomorrow, you'll cry about some idiotic thing he says.

Why don't we just wait until the line plays a meaningful game there, sparky? No reason to blow a load in your pants.

Secondly, you trully sound like a teenage brat who complains because the BMW his parents bought him didn't have leather seats. C'mon, man. You're a Steelers fan, stop acting like a brat. Perhaps Colbert hasn't put together the best offensive line this season; may be he's never put together a great offensive line; but he has put together 2 Super Bowl winning teams, which means he's doing something right. I'd say he's doing a pretty good job over all.

Stop bitching......whenever you want to start complaining about Colbert, imagine being a Browns fan. Count your blessings.

And Thirdly, and most importantly, it's the first PRESEASON game. Enough said.
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