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Default Re: Has crap economy changed your Steeler habits?

Well, my single-worse experience was with DTV, in terms of being
a consumer. That being said, it was when they were really ramping
up and, at least in this area, didn't have the manpower to come in
and fix the unit if something was wrong. Long story short - my system
quit working, they sent me a new card, and didn't fix it and they eventually
told me to talk to the manufacturer of the box - the box THEY sent me.
Then, after I went back to cable, they sent a collection agency after me
as if I was still using their shit service. And back then, you couldn't get
any local channels either, but I _did_ have NFL package, which was
great. All that being said, I do not believe I would experience service
problems today as I did back then.

Since that time I have been very happy with Comcast. They have come in
here and fixed my cables when it was no fault of their own, and not charging
me a dime. Their On Demand and DVR services are sublime. And my price
hasn't gone up at all forever. Plus, when ever you change over from one
system to another there is always grief.

Also, not having every Steeler game on TV forced us to go out to Steeler bars
and we met most of our friends, to this day, from going out to watch Steeler
games. It's a nice mix: about 60% of the Steeler games are not on TV, forcing
us to go out, but about 40% of the time, it is on, from being a prime time game
or a national game in the afternoon and I don't have to go to the bar for those
games. I like both for various reasons.

I will probably go to one game in Pgh and one away game, probably in Cleveland
around Christmas this year. Long way of saying "My Steeler expenditures will remain
about the same as they have been."
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