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Default Re: Herm Edwards: Team with most to worry about

Yes, I'm concerned about the OLine and Secondary. Yes, apparently the starting defense is the oldest in the NFL..

But the front office has made the right moves over the years to keep the team winning. How they do it is beyond me, especially with a hard salary cap in place. Draft picks are always hit or miss, and they have had quite a few more hits than most teams. Plus, the Steelers seem continue to be successful on building in the draft and rewarding those that perform...

So for the OLine, I really hope that they pan out, but the Steelers have won a SB with a shaky OLine at best. Plus, Pouncey is a great center to build an OLine around. The defense might be old, so they were probably one of the oldest units last season. But they allows 63 yards rushing last year, so they can all be 40+ for all I care. As for draft picks? Well, they have a pretty damn good recieving corps because of the Sanders and Brown. Ziggy Hood looks great, and there is a lot of good talent behind the starters on defense...
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