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Default Re: Has crap economy changed your Steeler habits?

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Just got off the phone with DTV. Did the threaten to cancel routine and got the deal of four payments of 39.99 for the season. Not to bad.

Just remember if you do this they might just take you up on your threat and cancel. Just be nice and polite and you should get a decent deal.
Yes, definitely do so in a polite manner. I like doing the "things
are tough out here, have to find a way to spend less $ - don't have
any other choice."

Also, throw in some "I have to check with the boss" as well. Bottom
line, when you bring up price being a factor, in most cases (other than
a fast food joint) they will find a way to do it cheaper. For years we never
had to buy new cell phones - they always gave us free ones to stop us
from canceling - allegedly. However, we started getting the cells that
were yesterday's technology so we decided to end being on the cheap
and just go with the program.

If I decided to go DTV I'd definitely get a better deal than advertised. But
one thing about DTV that they haven't fixed yet: If a major storm comes in
you lose the signal. In FL you can get major storms at any time. I can't
live without my TV working right. If I was watching a Steeler game and lose
the signal, I would go mental.
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