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Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
I'm not buying the Jets. They lost their NT, they lost Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith, and Plex doesn't make up for the loss of both of them. LT is one year older, although he wasn't a huge part of the offense anyway.

I believe the Jets were a bit of a fluke last year. I don't even expext them the make the playoffs this season. They'll compete for the Wild Card, but I doubt they win it.

The rest was spot on, although I think you could include the Ravens on that list. They were inches away from beating us every game last season (they even beat us one of those games), and it'll probably go the same way this year. If the ball bounces a different way, they could very well have played in the SB instead of us last year.
Yea, on paper (scoreboard) it looks like Ravens were very much in
that game. However, on further inspection you will realize that they
had a total of 20-some yards in the 2nd half. If not for those fluke
turnovers, they would not have been in that game. Pgh dominated in
the 2nd half, big time. Flacco was turned into a timid QB. They lost
more than they gained. I like our chances to beat them again.
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