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Default Re: Has crap economy changed your Steeler habits?

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Yes, definitely do so in a polite manner. I like doing the "things
are tough out here, have to find a way to spend less $ - don't have
any other choice."

Also, throw in some "I have to check with the boss" as well. Bottom
line, when you bring up price being a factor, in most cases (other than
a fast food joint) they will find a way to do it cheaper. For years we never
had to buy new cell phones - they always gave us free ones to stop us
from canceling - allegedly. However, we started getting the cells that
were yesterday's technology so we decided to end being on the cheap
and just go with the program.

If I decided to go DTV I'd definitely get a better deal than advertised. But
one thing about DTV that they haven't fixed yet: If a major storm comes in
you lose the signal. In FL you can get major storms at any time. I can't
live without my TV working right. If I was watching a Steeler game and lose
the signal, I would go mental.
That one good thing being in idaho, we don't get the hurricanes or tropical storms.

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