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Default Re: Stevenson Sylvester

Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
Pouncey,Brown,Manny, Logan

When rookies or 2nd year players outperform the vets Tomlin plays them.
No he doesn't. (And who the **** is Logan?)

-Pouncey only started because Hartwig was injured. Had Hartwig not suffered an injury during camp, Pouncey would have been the starting RG (only because we didn't have one).
-Good ol' vet Randle El was brought back because Tomlin has trouble making his own team. He did nothing for the first half of the season last year and had to play an absolute horrific game against the Patriots to slide down the depth chart. Hines is still ahead of Brown for no real reason other than he was SB MVP in 2005.
-Ziggy played stellar in the last half of 2010, yet was only starter because Smith was injured. Now that Smith is back, demoted.
-Sylvester has been looking like a beast but gets no time at ILB because Farrior still thinks he can cover guys Greg Jennings and Tomlin had to resign another one of Cowher's boys again.
-Butler looked good in last years preseason and never saw the field, even over career special teamers like Anthony Madison. Gay can't seem to lose his job no matter how bad he plays.
-Redman looks like Peyton Hillis Jr. He's pretty much unstoppable in the preseason. I can probably count the number of times he's gotten carries in the regular season on my 2 hands.
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