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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
I would need to know more specifics about your cheek - the severity, etc.
I don't have vision on all subjects, but do have it on more than a few.
When Plex shows up game time and shows no ill effect from his injured
ankle or prison time, will you pay homage to me?
Yeah we've all read your visions (mostly supported by youtube, and herm edwards )

Unless you are indeed plaxico burress or his team trainer you have zero credibility about his health or his ability to continue where he left off before he shot himself in the leg. If he breaks out and goes on a tear this year I will not pay homage to you for the same reason I don't pay homage to the weather man when he tells me there is a %50 chance of rain, and it rains.....or doesn't.

A broken watch is still right twice a day...
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