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Default Re: Tony Hills ready to start at RG

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
Like the time I called Kraig Urbik being a bust as soon as we drafted him.

I feel sorry if you think the Steelers coaching staff is the know all end all of the NFL
No, Dan, the front office and ownership is infallible. They can't possibly
make bad decisions because they get paid to make those decisions. Like
when Isiah Thomas was paid to be GM for the Knicks. He must have only
made perfect decisions since that was his job.

Hey, you can't possibly know better than they do, since they are hired
for the job and you are not. Didn't you know? End of story. No other
possible options. Front office and ownership simply make perfect
decisions at all times and we aren't even allowed to question them.

I hated the Bruce Davis, Spaeth, Keenan Lewis, Sepvuleda, etc. picks.
But I couldn't possibly be right. How could I know better than the
front office? Not possible. They are perfect.
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