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Default Re: Tony Hills ready to start at RG

Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
O.k. you're right ... and yet he's not. If Hills was "maybe the most athletic guy in the group" we would have seen something by now. I watched him in college ... he was good and I was glad he was drafted by the Steelers. I hope he can kick ass as a RG. But I'm still not going to believe that he's "maybe the most athletic guy in the group". I also watched Pouncey in college ... my worthless opinion is that Pouncey was, in college and is today, far more atheletic than Hills by a long shot. I also believe that Legursky is more atheletic than Hills. Legs has outstanding feet and agility and is (again, in my worthless opinion) the 2nd "most athletic guy of the group", behind Pouncey. So I'm saying the coach is throwing out a line of sh!t and it's not sticking with me.
But, you're watching on tv for a couple hours a week. Our coaching staff and front office work with these guys for 8-12 hours a day. They have more insight and knowledge than all of us combined. The only advantage that we have as armchair quarterbacks is hindsight. For any of us to imply from the comfort our living room or office that we're a better judge of talent is complete and utter bullshit. And it certainly has nothing to do with the coaching staff being infallible or any other such nonsense.

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