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Default Re: Tony Hills ready to start at RG

Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
Wow, maybe I should have said reading comprehension is fundamental.
Only the "well said" was addressed to you. The rest of my post was a follow-up on yours. My reading comprehension was fine.

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
I still have no idea who Baron Batch is and don't care. I was hoping for Noel Devine.
Well, evidently Devine is a free agent right now after the Eagles waived him following signing him as an undrafted free agent. The front office must be blind for not scooping him up.

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
And for your info, I loved the 2010 draft. Every single player we drafted except for Worilds (check previous threads or the SA forum...same username). I was screaming for the FO to take Tate/Cody. Sanders was a reach but I thought he was a solid prospect even though he came from a small school with all of his receptions and amazing combine.
Jason Worilds has done about as much as Golden Tate and Terrence Cody have done so far, especially with respect to what they were expected to do immediately after they were drafted. I've heard a lot more disappointment than excitement over Tate from Seahawk fans. And Worilds wasn't taken to make an immediate impact. He is in the process still of transitioning from a college DE. And he did show great awareness on a few plays during the Redskins game. There was one play in which Grossman was rolling to his left with a back I believe coming out of the backfield, but Worilds maintained his position instead of biting on either the back or the QB and forced an incompletion, if my memory is correct. That's just an example of his game progressing from a mental standpoint.

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
And I'm glad you threw in Antonio Brown. Why don't you check out the last few threads of me saying why Brown should be the #2 receiver over Ward. Glad your taking my lead in jumping on the bandwagon
I'm not sure if you're willfully misunderstanding me, but my point was regarding the time of the draft, not what you make of Antonio Brown right now. You would indeed be one of very few people I'm sure that were excited after the Steelers selected Brown, and certainly the only one calling for him to be the #2 receiver. My point is that it's a lot easier to blame an organization for their busts than to praise them for their boons on draft day and to admit that you didn't know shit at the time. about a draft pick that turned out to be great.
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