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Default Re: Tony Hills ready to start at RG

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
The Thump ain't no chump, matter of fact he is like Trump:
mad rhymes and sick beats.

...even though he's still suckling on mommas teats.
dumper... youre a rapper for the crapper, but thanks so much for providing the laughture.


i like how the steelers show patience and faith in their convictions. while it may not work out well for someone like sweed, it very well could turn out great for someone like hills.

if you follow more teams than just the steelers you see it happen around the league every year.

coach kugler really seems to be proving himself as a great hire every day.

russ grimm woulda still had flozell and starks on this roster, and larry Z woulda still still been expecting them to coach themselves.
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