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Default Re: If Eli is in Brady's class then where does Ben fall?

1. Tom Brady owns this spot until further notice...
2. Big Ben - 3 SBs, Playoff record speaks for itself and regular season aint too bad eaither!
3. Drew Brees - Did we forget him? Look at his body of work! Look at the team that won the SB... That D was shaky at best!
4. Aaron Rodgers - Coming into his own... but 1 season don't make you #1!
5. Peyton Manning - on the downhill slide. Best regular season QB.... Playoff = NOT

From here it's a crap shoot just for the fact that only Eli, who got lucky, is the only QB (other than McNabb and Hasselbeck) that's even been to a Super Bowl! And none of them are Top 10 any more! Watch this season and see if you have Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford in the top 10....

Ooops, I forgot the REX GROSSMAN took the Bears to the SB...
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