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Default Re: Madden rankings

Go cats play on all pro or all madden , and you'll see players jump in gainning points
i beat all madden for the 100th time and by the times i won the super bowl i had Ben at 99. i had duce at 95 , ward at 97, EL at 91,wilson at 89.had farrior at 95, foote 88, porter at 98,haggans 93. hampton at 98, smith at 92, von at 90. starks at 87, simmons at 92, at 95. hope at 92. so lets just say if u try all madden t and win the SB u gets points up the yang. miller will be more then 74 he has better hands then any WR coming into the draft this year.may not have burtsing speed but finds the seems very higher then a 80 sounds more like madden. and u should be more worried how they rate palmer after a bad season ;).
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