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Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
IMO Wallace is the better all around reciever. His route running improved last season to the point he is now considered our #1 wide out. He BLOCKS, something you see very little of from Jackson. He is humble and not at all like the self promoting Jackson. Wallace is still working on his rookie contract, which he has outplayed, but he keeps coming to work putting TEAM ahead of himself, Jackson holds out and acts like a spoiled brat, NO, I will take Wallace any time over Jackson.

Very well stated! I mean look at interviews with Wallace, he puts the team ahead of himself, no doubt he has great character. When you look at the interview stating he wants a 2,000 yards recieving in one year, hes not being ****y, hes just stating a goal for himself to be the best and for the team to be at it's best. Great young kid!!
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