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Default Re: So NO ONE on this roster can win the RG job....

Originally Posted by 55BaileyFan View Post
Bullshit. Tony Hills is going to be an excellent RG, he is getting his chance and I have no doubt he will make the most of it. The Steelers will be fine at corner, we had bad corners last year and made the big dance.

People need to stop being melodramatic about these two positions.
He was drafted as a tackle though...and he can't even crack that position...and NO other corner on the roster is better than BMac? all dude does is give up 30 yard cushions to wr'sthen rushes in to make the tackle after giving up a first down tries to cover but is slower than Casey Hampton...doesn't anyone get tired of watching him chase tight ends down the field after a catch? they are a Little TO DEPENDENT ON THE BLITZ and need to concentrate on getting more people that can cover, especially since teams are catching up to it...i mean Chad Henne smoked them last season...Henne
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