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Default Re: So NO ONE on this roster can win the RG job....

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Oh no. You can't ever question anything that the front office or ownership
does! You aren't worthy. And you can't possibly identify any mistakes that
they made because they are perfect. It was smart to virtually ignore the
QB position since drafting Bradshaw until Ben. It was smart to give
Kordell a new contract when he had two years remaining on his old one
and was playing like the worst QB in the NFL. It was smart to draft Scott
Shields, Alonzo Jackson, Bruce Davis, Spaeth, Ricardo Colclough, Limas
Sweed, Jermain Stephens, Huey Richardson, et al. They are infallible. We
are not allowed to question anything they do because we are so inferior.
It is actually smart to make Ben a $100 million QB and that not ensure he
doesn't have even an average OL to protect him. Hell, it was smart to keep
a CB unit of Chad Scott and Dwayne Washington. They were really good.
So, we wiffed on some draft picks over the last 15-20 years, who hasn't? The fact that we have been competing in for playoff spots, division championships, superbowls, for the past decade says something about the FO. They are smart and really good at what they do. Of course, like every other human being, they make mistakes. The gap between Ben and Terry Was a HUGE one IMO, as we still competed, but were missing the final peice. Draft wiffs are pretty normal IMO, but the FO has done a phenomenal job keeping the steelers in the running for a superbowl almost every single year for the past 10 years.
I have probably have more faith in the oline to hold up this year than most people. Ibam very excited and optimistic about this unit. I am also excited to see the young CBS get some playing time for the young CBs. I think that they will grow into formidable group.
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