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Default Re: So NO ONE on this roster can win the RG job....

There is a bunch of cheerleaders on this board. It seems that anyone who criticizes any part of this team is seen as the bad guy or the guy who thinks we're going 0-16 but that's not the case.

Every team has it's weaknesses, some moreso than others, and the Steelers are no exception. If we all agreed that the Steelers were a great team (which they are) and nothing was wrong with them (which is false) this board would 1. delusional and 2. boring. We understand that you can't have star players at every position in the salary cap era, but there's always room to get better. We made it to the SB last year but we still can improve on our secondary and solidify jobs on the offensive line. I mean no other team in the NFL is playing musical chairs with RG, LT and LG like we are. Our secondary is horrendous and anyone who thinks differently is out of their mind. But the Steelers FO is making steps (half assed ones) at improving it by bringing in a bunch of guys like Macho Harris and trying new starters like Donovan Warren.

So please, stop freaking out by the criticisms made by other posters on this board.
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