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Default Re: So NO ONE on this roster can win the RG job....

Originally Posted by BKAnthem View Post
trust me dude..if Bmac was a cover corner like Taylor he would not be playing off like that...and the D is structured for the Big Play...they blitz every down, sacks are big plays
No kidding McFadden is not a cover corner. The problem that you are having, however, is that you assume only cover corners are the truly good corners. Pure cover corners are not necessarily good fits for the Steelers either. With the exception of the few elite pure cover corners in the league (like Revis and Asomugha), they are much more susceptible to giving up the big play because they are more liable to freelance and take risks, something that the zone blitz does in a calculated way that leaves behind protection to limit the big play. My comment about the 'big play' was meant more specifically for the cornerback play in this sense. The cornerback's top priority in the Steeler scheme is not to allow a big play (in fact, the Steelers allowed only 1 play of 20+ yards last night, and that was late in the 4th quarter). They are not given carte blanche like somebody like Asante Samuel is at the CB position to take risks the way he did last night, including Ike Taylor. They are disciplined to maintain their assignments and let others make the plays because that is the way that Lebeau's defense works best. His defense would still work best this way even if they had better pure talent at the CB position. But you can't, for example, blame McFadden for playing that far off the ball when he's told to play that far off the ball. Remember, an 18 yard completion on 3rd and 20 is a victory.

Edit: It's seriously idiotic (or at least reactionary) to say that the secondary is "horrendous". It's when people say things like this that people like me stop taking you seriously. People that act like the secondary having bad games against elite offenses is a problem inherent only to the Steelers are overwhelmingly shortsighted.
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