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Default Re: Preseason Game Planning

Originally Posted by steelax04 View Post
So I posted something on my Facebook about the Eagles' secondary to rile some of my old buddies up and one of them posted a reply...

His reply: "You don't game plan preseason games."

I just find this hard to believe, that there is no game planning. With those big time signings in the secondary, I guess I was just expecting more resistance against the Steelers' passing game.

All of this made me woner, is there really no "game planning" for preseason games? If not, how do you measure the guys on the field and their performance?
It's a sort of understanding between coaches that there is no game planning for preseason games. They just try to create as many situations as possible so they can see how individual players react.

If you saw any of the NE/TB game last night, you saw what happens when one team game plans. Kind of a dick move by BB, 'cause the Bucs got nothing to evaluate from their starting defense.
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