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Default Over all game musings

I have not seen a thread of this nature, surprisingly.

So here goes.

I was pleasantly surprised at how sharp the over all team played.

I think Tomlin let them know the effort vs. the Skins was embarrassing.
If anything, I sat there thinking, "The starters are looking good, get
them the F out of the game before anyone gets hurt!"

How sweet was it to see Ben dice the Iggles apart, to see Troy flying
around like a banshee and to see Hines grab a TD, or to see
Mendy running with more authority than I have EVER seen him do
ever before?

If this team stays relatively healthy, they will be right in the mix.

That is a big "IF" but same goes for all contenders.

We might even have found some legit depth at CB, for heaven's sake.

I still hope they find a way to add depth at OT. How bummed out
were you when they had two LTs go down in the first 5 minutes? I
was stressing.
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