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Default Re: Joe Buck calls Vick scramble a “jailbreak”

I fail to see why Joe Buck still calls games. I mean, is there ANYONE ON EARTH that likes that guy? I swear, on EVERY sports site (and plenty of non-sports sites for that matter) at the mention of his name, multiple people chime in about how much he sucks. Sports bloggers constantly rag on him. Hell, Artie Lange went on his show and ripped him to pieces. And while I think some of the hate towards him is a tad exaggerated, I don't think he really adds anything with his commentary other than sounding like a guy who has run out of Ex-Lax whenever he draws out a word for no reason "They're almost in FIIIEEEEEEEELLD goal range..."

And who could forget him in that National commercial: "CHOOOOOOOOSING your own car? Now that's a good call."

Though to Buck's credit, his commercial was a lot less annoying than those ones that Jon McEnroe did. I hate that friggin' guy.
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