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Default Re: Over all game musings

Originally Posted by finesward View Post
So in one week we went from being the team with the biggest concerns to being a super bowl contender...

Maybe it's time you pay homage to me (among many others) who said don't put too much stock in the first preseason game But if herm edwards said so... who are we to question his (and yours) opinion? How come your vision didn't keep you from freaking out last week after the redskins game and cry chicken little all over the boards?

For the same reason we said don't put too much stock in the last game, I wouldn't go putting too much in this game either. CB and OL will still be major weaknesses against certain teams, while against others it may not be noticeable. I think the strength of the OL is on running downs. If we can continue to be impressive running the ball we will be able to dictate the game and keep defenses guessing. It's on obvious passing downs that we will be in trouble. This is still a new line and I'm confident later in the season they will gel much like they did last year. And if not, well thats why ben gets paid the big bucks, scramble and make something happen with his legs. Was impressed with the shape he is in. Looks in midseason form, but still making some bad decisions with the ball imo. If I see him flail the ball around when he is being tackled like he did so many times last year I'm going to scream.
Umm, it's not too hard to figure out, FATHines. Last week, they looked
horrible. This week they gave a much better effort. If they came in giving
the same effort as they did last week, I would have similar takes as I did
then. Do you always make simple things in your life confusing? It's really
not complicated, unlike your facebook relationship setting.
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