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Default Re: Over all game musings

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Umm, it's not too hard to figure out, FATHines. Last week, they looked
horrible. This week they gave a much better effort. If they came in giving
the same effort as they did last week, I would have similar takes as I did
then. Do you always make simple things in your life confusing? It's really
not complicated, unlike your facebook relationship setting.
Last week they looked like a team uninspired to play a preseason football game against the washington redskins IN washington. Wow that was a shocker! A veteran laden team with not many real position battles coming out flat against a team with position battles at almost EVERY single position, with much more to prove. You balked and huffed and puffed that the end was near and ben was going to get killed and the front office was sooooo stupid for not fixing the db's and OL and this week you've completely changed your tune. Who's the one confused?

Did you really just try to use facebook in an insult? wowwwww.... Are you allowed to be in a relationship with yourself on facebook? Just curious as to what yours says...
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