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Default Re: Steelers Tickets waiting list

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
I think it has more to do with people selling them instead of turning them back in to the Steelers.

That whole myth about "Steelers are sold out for 15 years" is a
half truth. A large % of the tickets are bought by scalpers. They
are a big reason for the long list. But, that happens to mean, it
is so easy to just show up and pay near face value, so who cares
if you have season tickets or not? I found out that I preferred to NOT
have season tickets after I had them. If you have season tickets and
don't feel like going, then you have the extra job of trying to sell them.
Pain in the @ss.

Don't bother with trying to get season tickets. Waste of time. Just
show up.
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