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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Of course you can find a few plays that are not go routes. But the
vast majority of his plays are, or, the ones that work any ways. On
4th down in the Super Bowl, they tried some shorter pass play
for MW and it ended up an incompletion to end our chances. The
play sucked; never had a chance.

I am not complaining about MW at all. Love that they got lucky on the
pick. But I am just saying that DJ is the slightly better player. Great
players make great plays when they count most. DJ leads in the category.
Many players can make plays when they are on top. Great ones make
the plays during crunch time. MW did _not_ get it done in the Super Bowl.
Ben's fault as well. He overthrew him an other receivers all night and targeted him way too many f'n times. I'm sure the Packers gameplan was to contain Wallace at all cost after what he did to them the first time.
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