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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
your cup of idiot juice doth runneth over.

are you freaking blind? do bottom line numbers and stats mean anything to you?

your boy desean jackson had 20 punt returns last year for a paltry 231 yds and 1 td. add his 2 fumbles and the fact that he had no kickoff returns and even antonio brown is twice as good of a returner he is.

mike wallace simply outproduces him in a more run oriented offense, where he isnt even the legitimate #1 receiving option.

geeze, youre a moron.

why dont you go say something else in another thread and see if you can make yourself look like an even bigger ass.
OK, "Tony HipFAT" whatever you say. I guess everyone in a Steelers'
uniform is automatically better than all other players at their position.
Did you even graduate high school? GED at least? You attempt to use
the English language is embarrassing. DJ is a mad baller. MW is good
but great players make great plays when they are in the biggest games.
MW failed to do that. Even Hines found a way to drop a TD on GB.
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